Are You Really Getting Heart Pine?
Make Sure You Know What You're Buying!

    We understand how confusing it can be to purchase heart pine flooring. With no industry standard to guide consumers, what one company calls "heart pine" may not be what you expect.
    In fact, some flooring outlets take advantage of the confusion by passing off standard Southern Yellow Pine as heart pine — even for products having as little as 10 to 15 percent heartwood

    True heartwood comes from the center, or "heart," of the tree and is defined by distinctive, red streaks and tighter growth rings. As this wood becomes inactive — no longer moving sap, water and nutrients through the tree — it fills with natural preservatives.

    Caribbean Heart Pine. For extra flair, consider WrennWood® Caribbean Heart Pine, an exotic wood with a remarkable appearance from amber and crimson tones streaking throughout the boards. It is harvested from sustainable forestries in Honduras and is a particularly durable flooring choice, ranking 1225 on the Janka Hardness Scale, making it less likely to dent or scratch.

    The WrennWood® Promise. Our heart pine flooring is 85- to 90-percent pure, tight-grained heart pine, which means a harder, more durable floor for your home.

It's Guaranteed! Prefinished WrennWood® Heart Pine Flooring comes with a 15-year wear warranty. And if something should happen, don't despair. Many repairs can be made using a finish repair kit, and single boards can be replaced without having to pull up the entire floor.

I have always loved pine flooring so I chose Wrenn Brothers’ prefinished heart pine flooring for my home. Its beauty was overwhelming to my visitors as all of them have been quite impressed with how well it looks in my home. I chose it as my main focal point and decorated around the new floors.

Mindy O.
Mattapoisett, Massachusetts